Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Cake Balls for Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you all have a fun and safe day today!

I wanted to make a treat for my husband to take into work with him for his co-workers. I debated the merits of spiderweb cupcakes, tombstone brownies and other fun stuff but then decided to go with something fun and easy to sneak and eat quickly. Cake balls were a perfect fit. I made a pumpkin cake and paired it with some vanilla frosting and dipped them in white chocolate colored orange.

If you have checked out my previous post about what I've been up to lately you'll understand my next rationale; I decided to take the easy way on the cake because of timing and also because I wanted to give you all a ridiculously simple recipe that can be made in a pinch and really tastes amazing (I also cheated and used store bought icing). The best part - it only requires two ingredients and can be eaten as a cake, cupcake or even a muffin. So few ingredients and yet so versatile.

Pumpkin Cake Balls
Yield: 30 cake balls
Prep Time: 30 minutes     I     Bake Time: 20 minutes

  • 1 box vanilla cake mix
  • 1 can pureed pumpkin
  • 1/2 tub vanilla frosting
  • 1 bag Wilton Chocolate Melts (orange or white)
  • Orange food coloring
Put the pumpkin and cake mix into a large mix bowl and stir until it is well blended. Pour the batter into a greased baking dish (I used 9x13) and bake in a 350 degree oven for approximately 20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

When the cake has finished baking, set it aside and let it cool before moving onto the next step.

Once the cake has cooled pull out chunks of the cake and crumble into a large mixing bowl. Stir in the frosting and mix together. 

Line a baking sheet with wax paper and form balls of cake about 1 inch in diameter. Once you have made all of the balls you can stick lollipop sticks inside them. Put the balls in the refrigerator (or freezer in you're in a hurry) and leave them there until they have become firm. 

Finally, melt the chocolate melts in a double boiler until they are smooth and glossy. Coat each ball evenly and tap to shake off any excess chocolate. Replace them on the baking sheet covered in wax paper and let the chocolate set. If you want before the chocolate sets you can add some sprinklers or sugar decorations as well. 

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Sandra said...

So easy to eat, or should I say overeat!