Wednesday, January 11, 2012

B.L.E.A.T. Sandwich

The BLEAT Sandwich takes the BLT to a whole other level. Have you ever heard of it? Better yet have you ever had one? If not, stop what you're doing right now and go make one. Seriously. This sandwich is the king of BLT's. So what is a BLEAT exactly? It is a bacon, lettuce, egg, avocado and tomato sandwich, yea that's right. It's just perfect and will blow your mind.

For my BLEAT sandwich I used thick slices of Texas Toast bread from Trader Joe's, I slathered on a little bit of mayo and then some lettuce, tomato and avocado slices. I fried up an over easy egg and topped off the entire sandwich with some crispy turkey bacon (feel free to sub in regular bacon!).

I love hearing new variations on sandwiches, especially classic ones like the BLT. Please feel free to let me know what kind of sandwich variations you love or have even created, I may even post about it here!


Maggie said...

This does look perfect! I love the avocado and egg additions...I bet this is amazing! Unfortunately I am not near my kitchen right now, but perhaps this will be my lunch time eat.

Kiri W. said...

WOW. I'd probably want a LEAT sandwich, I'm not into bacon, but oh my, the rest sounds perfect! I love the idea of having avocado AND egg :)

Steph said...

No this is my kind of BLT!!! Eggs and bacon are the best!

janet@fromcupcakestocaviar said...

YUM!! What else can I say? :-P