Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day of Remembrance

As I start to type of this post on such a solemn day in American history I find myself doing what every other American is likely doing today. I'm remembering sitting in my PSAT class with my best friend hearing words about planes and the towers falling. I heard words that I only heard in history books - terrorist attacks. I learned of hundreds of deaths with only more to come. I learned what it means for a country to come together and unite as one. I saw what the true meaning of community was and how deep and how far compassion and love can drive us.

A lot has changed in these 11 years since that day. That best friend I had squeezed into one desk with as we learned of the events as they unfolded has since passed away in a car accident. My life has changed in so many other ways as well but a piece of me always remains the same and always remains where I was when I learned of what happened. Tragedy changes you that way, but it's what you do in the face of tragedy that determines who you really are.

In light of the memory of one of the most horrific days in American history I am watching yet another tragedy unfold. Out here on Long Island there is a local photographer whose newborn nephew is suffering in a way no child or person should ever suffer. Little Easton was born with a severe case of EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) and in the less than 30 days he's spent on earth has been met with one trial after another. His skin is as delicate as tissue paper and is covered in painful blisters. In order for his parents to hold him they must go use special procedures using vasoline covered gloves and at all times Easton is covered in gauze to prevent his blisters from bleeding.

Right now Easton is fighting an infection and his entire world his rallying and praying for a miracle. They need the prayers of everyone and anyone who is willing. You can read Easton's story here and see information about a fundraiser that was set up to help offset medical costs for the family. You can read up on that here.

You can also follow updates directly from Easton's aunt Summer Lyn on her Facebook page. She also posted some extremely moving photos of the family holding Easton .

Be warned, all of these photos are graphic and at times difficult to look at. I myself cannot look at them or read his story without tearing up. Please spread the word that Easton needs our prayers and most of all needs a miracle of his own.

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