Monday, November 14, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 1

Rather than post a new photo every day and overwhelm my blog with tons of photos I decided I group them by week and make a weekly posting for the next four weeks of the photos I've taken.

Day # 1

First up this week is day 1 which is a photo of a favorite food. Last Monday we had pulled chicken sliders and onion rings for dinner. I can't take any credit for this dinner except for coming up with the idea. I had a major headache that day and just didn't feel like cooking so Trader Joe's gets all the credit for this meal!

Day # 2

Day number two challenge was to take a photograph of a smile. I decided to use an old photograph that contains my absolute favorite picture of my husband. This photo was taken on our honeymoon during breakfast one day and it still melts my heart every time I see his smile in this photo. Nearly three years later and his smile still gives me butterflies. I love this man.

Day # 3

Today's challenge involved photographing happiness. If I'm being honest a lot of things make me happy, but when I search down to the core of it what makes me the most happy is my husband and our marriage. So I photographed my wedding rings, both of which are a daily reminder of love and everything love stands for. I can hardly stand to take them off even if it's just to shower. They have become a part of me, so for me this is happiness. 

Day # 4

It was only appropriate that at some point this November photo challenge would involve taking a photograph of leaves. This year especially the foliage has been amazing. The stunning golds, rust, browns and other rich fall colors have been a breathtaking contrast against the bright, blue skies and white clouds from this warm weather we've been having lately. I snapped this shot while driving to the beach one sunny afternoon to work on some o f my writing. It really it something isn't it?

Day # 5

On this day the photo challenge involved taking a snapshot of a morning sky. Unfortunately we don't have the most picturesque morning skies this time of the year. Instead they have been dull and gray and kind of lackluster. Nevertheless I had a task to undertake and so it was. This was taken around 8am, it was still kind of hazy out but still very pretty in it's own way.

Day # 6

Day 6's challenge required a photograph of books which is something that there is no shortage of in our house. As you can see by this photo alone my collection varies from childhood favorite, to teenage novels, to romance, biography, self-help, Shakespeare, classics and contemporary literature. As an English major it should come as no surprise that I have a little bit of everything in my home and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Day #  7

Today's challenge involved photographing something funny, but perhaps my choice of subject falls a bit more on the ironic side than funny. I was struggling to figure out something funny to photograph with no luck when the caption on the television caught my eye. This evenings temperature peaked at 69 degrees and for fellow New Yorkers we all know how uncommon this is in November. The nights should mean snuggling up with a heavy blanket, cozy pajamas and some cocoa. But not this November, not yet at least. 

And that's the end of week 1. Stay tuned for more!

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