Thursday, September 5, 2013

HiFive Music

As promised I want to give you all a little run down on HiFive Music - my hubby's newest business venture! Now for all you music fans out there, this is going to be your new favorite site. They are a music subscription service (think Pandora-esque) but with Indie artists!

This is a great way to discover brand new up and coming artists before they hit it big time! The best part? For only $2.99 you will be granted access to ALL of a band's songs for an entire year! This means you can download, listen to and get live updates on the band for a year for less than $3.

Am I doing some shameless plugging here? You betcha. But hey these guys have been busting their butts to make a dream come true for not only them but for these amazing musicians they have on board. So if you're into music (and let's face it, we all are) go check them out at And if you're in a band and want to join and sell your music go do that too. They'd love to have you on board.

In other news, a friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer so we are going to be putting together an online bake sale to help offset some of her medical costs. If you would like to participate in donating to the cause please email me directly at More details will be coming shortly. :)

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