Monday, October 7, 2013

Bake Sale to Beat Breast Cancer!

I'm returning to the blogging world for a great cause this month! As you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which seemed like an appropriate time to hold a bake sale to raise money for a dear friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

The round up of bakers here (so far!) are some of her closest friends who's first instinct when she got diagnosed was what can we do to help? Aside from the amazing support her friends and family have provided her with, the subject of expenses came up. Let's face it. Cancer is expensive and meals will continue to be needed to be eaten, wigs may need to be purchased and transportation to and from appointments are necessary. It's all going to add up and we are all trying to do everything in our power to make this experience as good as it can get.

It's amazing how much kindness and generosity exists in the hearts of people. We are unstoppable when we work together towards a mutual goal and Kris's awesome group of friends are donating their time, kitchens and baked goods to put together this amazing bake sale!

A little info on Kris....

Kris and her husband Neel have been married 3 years and have two furbabies (cats!) Ladybird and Mudd. Kris is a huge Pearl Jam fan (she's seen them more than 30 times!) and caught Eddie Vedder's guitar pick at a concert which she had sewn into her wedding dress as her "something blue" (how cool is that?!). 

In late August Kris discovered a lump in her breast, after receiving confirmation that it was indeed invasive breast cancer and if her own words... "After a day of wallowing in it. I hit the ground running." She immediately sought the advice of friends for doctors referrals, began booking appointments and contacting her insurance. She began her journey to beat cancer. 

Her first set of scans revealed that the cancer has not spread, however they did indicate that she has a condition known as "situs inversus totalis". Which means all of her organs are essentially on the wrong side of her body, an extremely rare condition to say the least!

Which brings us to today. Kris starts her chemo treatments today.

So let's mark this day with her and get ready to help make a huge difference in her life by showing her our support.

Please spread the word, tell your friends and most of all join us starting Tuesday October 15 at 9:00am (EST) to bid on some delicious treats!

If you would like to participate please contact me directly at

The bake sale will be going live Tuesday October 15 at 9am (EST) and running until Thursday October 17 at 9pm (EST). Any contributors will be expected to mail out their goodies by Monday October 21 to their respective buyers.

To wet your taste buds, here's a little sneak peek at some of the goodies we will be offering!

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